Think of it as a conventional water heater (that just happens to make all your power too)

Our Market:

70 million potential customers in homes with natural gas service.

m-CHP Status:

Pre-commercial product, Now In PRE-ORDER Status.

Key Fact:

Replaces Your Gas Hot Water Heater & Cuts Your Power Bill!
Like all great ideas, the concept behind Enginuity’s new ‘micro-Combined Heat and Power’ system is a simple one: remove an existing gas-fired water heater and replace it with a single unit that produces your home’s hot water, Space Heating needs and electricity.
Best of all, Enginuity’s micro-Combined Heat and Power system does all this while using only a little bit more natural gas, America’s most abundant energy source.
A New Look For Micro-CHP

After extensive development and testing, Enginuity has produced a revolutionary new Micro-CHP system with the potential to optimize energy use around the country and even worldwide.

Providing power for the system is our patented ‘mirror-balanced’ four-stroke opposed piston engine. This quiet running, efficient engine makes the most of every cubic foot of natural gas, turning this clean fuel into energy right where the energy is needed, and heating your homes water with ease.

So reduce your use or the grid without having to give up comfort and convenience, and save big on your electric bills at the same time. Check with your local energy supplier to see what rebates and incentives they have for combined heat and power. It might be easier to join the Enginuity revolution than you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Service Schedule? For ease of ownership, our Micro-CHP system is designed to be serviced only once a year, and is built to last for 40,000 hours or 20 years under normal conditions. Most customers will service it at about the same as their heat and AC system, once or twice a year.

How Much Power Does It Make? Our 500cc single-cylinder engine makes up to 6.2 kilowatts of power so it only has to run for a few hours a day to provide the hot water and electricity needed to keep an average sized American home comfortable.

How Much Does Enginuity’s m-CHP Cost? We are setting the price in line with common backyard backup-generators, which is great since unlike backyard generators we actually save you money. Plus, with Enginuity’s Micro-CHP you won’t need a backup generator since we power your home on reliable natural gas.

Does Micro-CHP Work With Solar? Enginuity’s m-CHP is compatible with whatever kind of renewable energy system you already have. Our system just makes solar and wind power better, by making them more reliable.

How Big Is It? About the same size as your current water heater, or our commercial version is about the size of a single door refrigerator.

What happens to my water heater in the case of engine failure? Our engines will be designed to fail at the same rate as current water heater burners. You will call your service provider and he will either service the unit or replace it altogether within hours.

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