The P3 Is Designed For:

Enginuity’s Personal Power Pack (P3) Micro-Generator is primarily designed for small-unit military applications

Production Status:

P3 is in its second prototype development and will be participating in the 2020 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments Field Trials, March, 2020

P3 Key Facts:

Lightweight at 25-30 lbs, provides 1.5-2 kW, and is capable of operating on a variety of fuels, mixed gas, JP8 and Kerosene

Enginuity Power Systems’ Personal Power Pack (P3) is a durable and lightweight portable generator designed to be carried easily by a single individual. This hybrid diesel/electric generator weighs 25-30 pounds and with the completion of the next P3 prototype, will produce from 1.5-4 kilowatts of power.

The Ideal Choice In Portable Power

As modern military operations become ever more reliant on their electronics the necessity of keeping those electronics charged, in what are often difficult situations, becomes more important than ever. To address this need Enginuity has  produced a lightweight sub-30 lb. micro-generator capable of running on heavy fuel with a 2 kilowatt rating.

To achieve this low weight Enginuity integrated an electrical generator and our patented engine architecture into a single unit. By combining the engine and generator into a seamless unit our engineers were able to cut the weight of the system substantially.

Just as important as the low weight, the P3 portable generator can run on multiple fuels. Circumstances may dictate that operators of the P3 may not always have access to JP8 so the P3’s unique ability to run on multiple fuels can be of tremendous value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Enginuity’s engine so much lighter? Our patented engine design eliminates the cylinder head and packs twice the displacement into each cylinder, so you end up making twice the power with a much smaller package.

How can the P3 burn different fuels? Enginuity’s proprietary crank-phasing technology allows for continuous adjustment to the compression-ratio. This means the engine can adjust its compression-ratio in real-time to consume different grades and types of fuel.

Is the P3 only for the military? At first, yes, but once our unit production meets the military’s demands there will be a civilian version of the P3 produced as well.

What can I charge with one? The military version of the P3 is specifically designed to charge small-unit electronics such as laptops, batteries, and night-vision goggles. The civilian version will be targeted at power tools and outdoor uses.

Enginuity is using our advanced engine design to build a new generation of portable generators which produce more power and fewer emissions than any current portable generator. Our high-quality 500cc and 1000cc generators run much quieter that today’s commercial units allowing for much more comfortable operation.

Perfect For:

Military, Business, and Homeowners Looking for A Quiet Generator

Production Status:

Prototypes developed and moving towards design for manufacturing

Key Facts:

Environmentally-Friendly, Very Quiet, High Kilowatt Output, Built to Last

Lightweight with Increased Power

Conventional portable generators are extremely loud and don’t seem designed to last very long. Enginuity’s portable generators produce small to big power, with a range of 3-17 kW quietly, and are built to last for years.

Like all of Enginuity’s fine products, our generators are designed with our ‘mirror-balanced’ opposed-piston engine design, meaning that you don’t have the put up with the kind of noise and vibration associated with those generators you find in home improvement stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do they weigh? Our 6.2 kW model will weigh 275+ lbs. and our 17.2 kW model will weigh under 325 lbs.

What kind of fuels will it operate on? For convenience, both models of our generators are able to run on gasoline, natural gas, and LNG. A diesel version is coming, and will be for both military and commercial use in austere areas such as Alaska, where diesel is a primary fuel source.

How much will it cost? Despite having superior operational characteristics, Enginuity’s portable generators will cost about the same amount as premium generators available now. We are making them here in the USA so we’re not competing with disposable generators from China, but our innovative engine design will keep costs low.

How quiet are your portable generators? After a day working next to a noisy conventional generator’s loud exhaust you can feel pretty frazzled. Enginuity’s quieter operation inherent to our engine design keeps you sharp and on the job longer, meaning that you get more accomplished, and feel better when the work is done.

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