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Right now Enginuity Power Systems is introducing the next generation of ultra high-efficiency electrical generators and home appliances to manufacturers and consumers. The entire range of Enginuity products and systems are built on the technological foundation provided by the world’s first production-ready 4-stroke inwardly-opposed piston engine. Enginuity’s simplified engine design has a number of operational qualities that old-fashioned “block-and-head” engines just can’t match, regardless of manufacturer.

Enginuity’s engine has no cylinder head, which cuts the number of moving parts in half. With all of that complexity out of the way you can reach efficiency numbers that conventional engines can’t touch. Add to that Enginuity’s ‘adiabatic-interface’ (a central feature of opposed-piston engines) and you can produce more power while using less fuel.

So whatever your power generation needs are and whatever kind of system you’re building Enginuity can provide you with a substantially more efficient engine custom tailored for your specific needs.

Who Enginuity Engines Work For

If you’re a manufacturer looking for a quiet, efficient, virtually vibration-free generator engine, or an investor looking for environmentally sustainable technologies with real-world ROI potential, no commercially available power-production system has the combination of imaginative features found in Enginuity Power Systems’ portfolio of intellectual property.

How Enginuity’s Engines Do It

People are always trying to make engines seem more complicated than they really are. In essence, engines are really just air pumps. Once you know that the rest is easy: the simpler your pump the less fuel you need to make it run, and the less fuel you need to make it run the less emissions it’s putting out.

So basically Enginuity uses less parts and pumps more air: Simple!

Hard Data, Not Hypotheticals

In rigorous testing at an independent lab Enginuity’s family of generator engines outperformed commercially available generator engines, demonstrating higher fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions. Combine that kind of performance with our patented ‘mirror-balanced’ low-vibration design and you have a line of engines that make solving power production problems easy.

When you dive down into the data the case for Enginuity becomes even more compelling; independent testing has demonstrated that Enginuity’s 500 cc and 1000 cc engines are up to 27.2% more efficient than comparable generator engines of the same size – even offerings from well-regarded manufacturers like Kohler and Kawasaki.

To generate our comparisons we used those manufacturer’s own published SAE test results, the best numbers they can produce, and compare those numbers to our engine’s independent laboratory results. In every category from weight, to horsepower, to torque Enginuity’s engines come out on top.

Now take that proven performance and combine it with Enginuity’s reduced parts content and you get an unbeatable commercial proposition.

What’s Next From Enginuity

Test results are impressive, but it’s the power production systems our engines make possible that we’re most excited about, systems like the first new home-appliance since the microwave oven: Enginuity’s residential Micro-Combined Heat and Power system. If you aren’t familiar with Combined Heat and Power (also known as Private Generation) just think of our system as a water heater that makes all the electricity for your home or business – virtually eliminating your electricity bill – and you’ll have an idea of what we’re offering. [see video & EPA info. below]

Enginuity Is Not just Engines

Aside from our Micro-CHP Enginuity has other projects moving forward as well; our military spec multi-fuel micro-generator for the US Army replaces 90 lbs. of batteries with an engine that weighs just 24 lbs. while making 4 kilowatts of power. This lightweight portable generator will allow military teams in the field to move faster, keeping them connected to their support and the electronics they rely on charged-up.

How To Follow Us

You can keep up with Enginuity by following us on Facebook or Twitter as our micro-generator, stand alone power system, M-CHP, and other exciting products move towards production.


Patents Issued/ Pending

Get To Know Enginuity’s Exciting New ‘Private Generation’ System!

Image result for Micro combined heat and power

How great would it be to have your own electric company?

Enginuity Power Systems new combined heat-and-power system really does give you the power to Be Your Own Utility, meaning that you really can have lower power bills, and they start the day you install our new Home-Generation system.

Being part of Enginuity’s Home-Generation revolution is simple:  just replace your current natural gas water heater with Enginuity’s new micro-Combined Heat-and-Power system, and instantly you’re making your own power instead of buying it from someone else!

Old fashioned water heaters are one-trick ponies; all they do is burn natural gas to make water hot. Enginuity’s system works differently. Enginuity’s system takes clean burning natural gas and runs it through our high-efficiency generator before it heats the water so that you get all the electric power you need, and then it makes your hot water. On top of making your electricity and hot water Enginuity’s system also acts as a backup generator for when the grid is down!

You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re on the cutting edge of sustainable comfort using a state-of-the-art appliance that allows you to get off the inefficient grid and into a much greener lifestyle.  The centralized power distribution grid works, but it’s very inefficient.  By the time the conventional grid gets the electricity to where you are it has lost about 65% of the energy is started with. A 65% loss represents a lot of wasted electrons, or coal, or natural gas, or whatever created.

Now compare the inefficient grid system to Enginuity’s new micro-Combined Heat-and-Power system which operates at over 90% efficiency. Enginuity’s system puts almost all of the clean power contained in every cubic foot of natural gas to right where you need it, which keeps both emissions and your power bills low.

So send us an email, call, or drop us a line and let Enginuity show you how affordable your own private power company can be!

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