Enginuity Power Systems has achieved the next generation of engine and generator technology with its patented 4 stroke inwardly opposed piston engine.

Our engines are dynamically scalable, quiet, 25-30% more fuel and thermally efficient than conventional technology, light weight, and multi-fuel capable. ‘Simply Efficient,’ our goal is to provide power and energy systems that are clean, highly efficient and provide the consumer and the Services with long term sustainable, resilient, reliable power systems at affordable prices. In today’s world of uncertainty, Eginuity provides homeowners, businesses, and installations with assured power and energy capability, even in the wake of disasters.


Formed in 2015, EPS has developed, patented, and prototyped the next generation of high- efficiency engine technology. Functional prototypes (P3 – portable; V4 – back-up generation; V5 – micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP)) address initial target applications, and more refined versions are currently under development, a step toward meeting the specifications required for commercial orders. EPS has negotiated a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) with Oak Ridge National Lab to optimize, validate and demonstrate the engine and mCHP system.


The initial management & founding team includes former business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators with deep engine technology and supply chain expertise. In 2019, EPS hired a former DOE official and cleantech executive to strengthen its business development capabilities, a senior DoD employee and contractor to lead our DoD penetration efforts, and a senior manufacturing expert to help EPS transition to larger production scale.


For 2020, we aim to generate initial revenues through government contracts and private sector pilot programs. We are pursuing multiple Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DOE) programs, and participating in the upcoming Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (FEB -MAR 2020). We are scheduled to attend multiple upcoming trade shows to demonstrate our m-CHP unit in a high-end RV designed to mimic the demands of a home. We aim to convert initial utility, builders, engine and appliance makers interest into valuable partnerships. We are also seeking additional external validation through national labs and utility testing and demonstrations.

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