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Enginuity Power Systems has achieved the next generation of engine and generator technology with its patented, 4-stroke, inwardly opposed piston engine.

Our engines are dynamically scalable, quiet, 25-30% more fuel and thermally efficient than conventional technology, light weight, and multi-fuel capable.

‘Simply Efficient,’ our goal, is to provide power and energy systems that are clean, highly efficient and provides the consumer with long-term sustainable, resilient, and reliable power system at an affordable price. In today’s world of uncertainty, Enginuity provides homeowners, businesses, and installations with assured power and energy capability; even in the wake of disasters.


Enginuity’s modular family of opposed-piston engines offer scalability and lightweight performance – previously unavailable in the small-to-midsize engine market.


Formed in 2015, Enginuity has developed, patented, and prototyped the next generation of high- efficiency engine technology. Functional prototypes (P3: portable power; V4: back-up power; V5: micro-Combined Heat and Power, the m-CHP) address initial target applications. In development are more refined versions that move toward meeting the specifications required for commercial orders.

Enginuity has negotiated a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) with Oak Ridge National Lab to optimize, validate and demonstrate the engine and m-CHP system.


The initial management & founding team includes former business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators with deep engine technology and supply chain expertise.

In 2019, Enginuity hired a former DOE official and cleantech executive to strengthen its business development capabilities, a senior DoD employee and contractor to lead our DoD penetration efforts, and a senior manufacturing expert to help transition to an expanded production scale.


In 2020, we are aiming to generate initial revenues through government contracts and private sector pilot programs. We are pursuing multiple Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DoE) programs and participating in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments.

Early in 2020, we attended several trade shows (prior to the arrival of COVID-19) to demonstrate our m-CHP unit in our customized Showhauler designed to mimic the demands of a home. We aim to convert initial utility, builders, engine and appliance makers’ interest into valuable partnerships. We are also seeking additional external validation through national labs and utility testing and demonstrations.



Enginuity Power Systems is introducing the next generation of ultra high-efficiency engines, to manufacturers and consumers, for applications in: broad home & light industrial appliance, portable generation and transportation.

The Enginuity platform is built on the technological foundation provided by the world’s first production-ready 4-stroke inwardly-opposed piston engine. Enginuity’s simplified engine design has a number of operational advantages that current engines just can’t match.

Rigorous testing at an independent lab has provided validation that the Enginuity family of small generator engines outperforms commercially available generator engines by demonstrating 27% higher fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.



Enginuity’s engine has no cylinder head, which cuts the number of moving parts in half. This avoided complexity enables the engine to reach efficiency numbers that far exceed those of conventional engines. Other innovations such as our innovative ‘adiabatic-interface’, and our patented ‘mirror-balanced’ low-vibration design compound these performance benefits.

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If you’re an original equipment manufacturer or a government contractor looking for a clean, quiet, efficient, virtually vibration-free generator engine for either specific or broad swath of applications, no commercially available power-production system has the performance/cost value of imaginative features found in Enginuity Power Systems’ portfolio of intellectual property.

Enginuity can provide you with a substantially more efficient engine custom tailored for your specific needs

For every type of power generation need, for whatever type of system you are building, Enginuity can provide you with a substantially more efficient engine, custom tailored, for your specific needs. Our proven performance, reduced parts content, and simple design makes us an ideal commercial development partner.

Enginuity is also working on military spec multi-fuel micro-generator...

Enginuity is also working on a military spec, multi-fuel, micro-generator to replace 90 lbs. of batteries with an engine that weighs less than 30 lbs; while generating up to 2 kilowatts of power. This lightweight portable generator will allow military teams in the field to move faster, keep them connected to their support, and have the electronics they rely on all charged up.

We are also looking at a variety of transportation applications, requiring very few architectural changes, including electrical vehicle (EV) range extenders, hybrid applications for commercial and off-road usage and public transportation fleets.



Because of the power production systems our engines make possible, we are excited to introduce the first new home-appliance since the microwave oven: Enginuity’s multi-fuel residential Micro-Combined Heat and Power system. If you aren’t familiar with Combined Heat and Power (also known as Micro-CHP) just think of our system as a water heater that also provides most of the electricity and heating needs for your home or business – virtually eliminating your electricity bill – and you’ll have an idea of what we’re offering.

Enginuity Power Systems


Think Of It As A Conventional Water Heater (That Just Happens To Make All Your Power Too)

Enginuity Power Systems’ Personal Power Pack (P3) Is A Durable And Lightweight Portable Generator Designed To Be Carried Easily By A Single Individual.

Built To Work As Hard As You Do

10 to 24 Kilowatts of EV Backup to Eliminate Common ‘Range Anxiety’

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