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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

From our Phil Zoldak, PhD, about how this impacts and benefits Enginuity Power Systems:

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“This work simulates ignition delay of hydrogen combustion process using AI neural networks which results in significantly fewer computational time and resources than was previously done using CFD. This has potential application to Hydrogen Combustion Engines and their control systems as these model could be applied as a Predictive Model of abnormal engine knock conditions which could solve one of the major challenges of H2-ICE engines.

Abnormal engine knock such as pre-ignition, mega-knock are damaging events to an internal combustion engine and this model could be used to predict the occurrence of these events before they occur and adjust engine operating parameters, such as air fuel ratio, injection timing or spark timing, etc. to mitigate or avoid damaging events before they occur.

This in-turn makes the engine combustion more stable, more reliable and improves fuel efficiency.”