Partners with Department of Energy & Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Partners with Department of Energy & Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Enginuity Power Systems Partners with the Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Engagement supports Enginuity’s micro-Combined Heat and Power product

Alexandria, VA, December 19, 2019 – Enginuity Power Systems (EPS) announces the launch of a Department of Energy funded Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), with the aim to propel Enginuity’s micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) platform toward commercialization.  This innovative product replaces a home’s standard water heater with a fully integrated system that has the capability to achieve overall efficiency and supply the average American home with all its power, water heating and space heating requirements. Essentially, EPS mCHP allows homeowners the opportunity to reduce their reliance on the grid and/or augment grid power. The smart mCHP also can tie into other alternative energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels, for clean energy and resiliency.

This $800,000 CRADA will complement existing Enginuity’s mCHP product development efforts, and leverage Oak Ridge capabilities in combustion optimization, manufacturing, controls & integration within and outside the home, with a major goal to achieve a robust, commercialization-ready platform that can be deployed at large scale.

“Since launching our project with the team at Oak Ridge National Lab, the leadership of Enginuity Power Systems is more excited than ever to be working with this world class facility. With the capabilities Oak Ridge brings to the table we are looking at a host of new possibilities as we prepare our micro-CHP system for the U.S. market” says Jacques Beaudry-Losique, President of Enginuity Power Systems.

ORNL’s Building Technologies Research and Integration Center facility provides expertise in equipment modeling, design-for-manufacturing, equipment-grid interaction modeling, environmental chambers and heat exchanger testing loops as well as a fully equipped research house that emulates real life occupancy.

About Enginuity Power Systems

Enginuity Power Systems has invented the next generation of engine and generator technology with its patented 4 stroke inwardly opposed piston engine. Our engines are dynamically scalable, quiet, 25-30% more fuel and thermally efficient than conventional technology, light weight, and multi-fuel capable. ‘Simply Efficient,’ our goal is to provide power and energy systems that are clean, highly efficient and provide the consumer and the Services with long term sustainable, resilient, reliable power systems at affordable prices. In today’s world of uncertainty, Enginuity provides homeowners, businesses, and installations with assured power and energy capability, even in the wake of disasters.

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