This Is A Big Deal

This Is A Big Deal

“A year ago we announced an $800,000 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, sponsored by the DOE Building Technologies Office, to help develop our micro-Combined Heat and Power System – the E|ONE – with the goal of speeding its commercialization.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DOE’s largest science and energy laboratory, would provide access to equipment-grid interaction modeling, environmental chambers, heat exchanger testing loops, and world class scientists – augmenting our own continued development efforts.

A significant step forward within the CRADA takes place this year: placing the E|ONE in a fully equipped DOE research house that emulates real life occupancy.  This is a big deal, and as details and findings emerge, we’ll bring them to you here.

We look upon the CRADA as a strong indicator the E|ONE has the potential to be game-changing technology when to comes to reliable electric power, combined with space and water heating, for the home – all in an ultra-quiet package with the footprint of a standard water heater.

It’s a product we’ve thoughtfully developed on the strength of 29 patents. It’s truly unique. And now we’ll take it into a real home under the expert eye of the nation’s leading lab for a green future. We could not ask for a more exciting development, or a better partner.  Stay tuned.”

Jacques Beaudry-Losique | President & Principal Executive