A Personal Solution to Rolling Blackouts

A Personal Solution to Rolling Blackouts

When temperatures in parts of California hit triple digits a week ago, the state’s three biggest utilities turned off power to blocks of homes and businesses.

Nobody appreciated these “rolling blackouts” – from Governor Gavin Newsom, who said “you shouldn’t be pleased with the moment that we’re in here,” to consumers that were fearful of leaving their over-heating homes in a pandemic.

Add these rolling blackouts to the loss of power from storms and other natural disasters, and it’s clear why the clean combined heat and power solutions we’re creating at Enginuity Power Systems will fill a sustained need for personal electrical power for years to come.

For the home, our innovative micro-Combined Heat and Power (m-CHP) product – the E | ONE – replaces a standard water heater with a fully integrated system that provides a dwelling with required electric power and space and water heating requirements. It’s exceptionally quiet, highly efficient, and runs on natural gas or propane, providing clean reliable power free from the grid.

Back before the shutdowns, the E | ONE was awarded ‘Best in Show’, ‘Best Home Technology Product’ and ‘Best Energy Efficient Product’ at the 2020 International Builders Show in Las Vegas last January. Our commercialization team is speeding up its efforts to bring our resilient E | ONE solution to the market as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to follow our story – and be among the first to order our products – in the months and years ahead.

Jacques Beaudry-Losique | President & Principal Executive