Series A Funding Led by Blue Marlin Partners | Enginuity Power Systems

Series A Funding Led by Blue Marlin Partners

Series A Funding Led by Blue Marlin Partners

Private Generation Innovator Enginuity Power Systems Secures Series A Funding Led by Blue Marlin Partners

Award-winning energy efficiency innovator receives funding to advance American made products for homes, light commercial, and military applications.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 – Enginuity Power Systems, Inc. (Enginuity) announced a Series A funding round today led by Blue Marlin Partners. The round was oversubscribed by more than 30% and the new funds will serve to expedite the company’s path to commercialization of their patented high-efficiency, private generation appliances.

“This investment comes at a time in our country when homes and businesses need clean on-site energy generation” explained Enginuity CEO, Jacques Beaudry-Losique. He added, “Our private generation platform of ultra-energy efficient products will bring energy savings, resiliency, and reduce CO2 emissions; it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Enginuity’s award-winning E|ONE all-in-one private generation appliance redefines home and commercial HVAC by providing heat, hot water, and electricity for homes and small businesses on demand, and fully protects users from power interruptions. The E|ONE also integrates with rooftop solar and battery storage.

Enginuity’s innovative products bring unprecedented energy efficiency and savings to homes, light commercial, and military applications. Enginuity is committed to U.S. manufacturing and has secured supply chains resilient in a post-COVID environment.

Blue Marlin Partners Founder and Managing Director Peter Kirsch shared, “This is a non-traditional investment for Blue Marlin considering its stage. However, that is the beauty of the Blue Marlin model, when we can take advantage of a great opportunity, with great partners, we move forward and Enginuity was just that.”

Enginuity CEO, Jacques Beaudry-Losique, explained, “We are honored to have Blue Marlin Partners become part of our cleantech journey. Our mission and values of sustainability align making them an impactful strategic investment partner for our commercialization journey.” He added, “We look forward to Peter Kirsch’s leadership in joining our Board.”


About Blue Marlin Partners

Blue Marlin Partners was founded by Peter Kirsch and a select group of fully committed Capital Partners, a collection of high-net-worth operators, investors, and family offices. For more information, visit

About Enginuity Power Systems

Enginuity Power Systems is an award-winning technology company revolutionizing the distributed energy generation market. Committed to advancing energy efficiency and sustainability, Enginuity is inventing new technologies for homes, commercial businesses, and military applications that enable private power generation for cleaner energy, resiliency, and energy cost savings. For more information, visit