U.S. Power Plants Lose QUADRILLIONS of BTUs

U.S. Power Plants Lose QUADRILLIONS of BTUs

No alternative text description for this imageIt’s painful to comprehend the waste we experience generating electrical power in the U.S, all at a cost of sending 1.1 gigatons of carbon annually into the air.

The energy lost in U.S. power plants is in the QUADRILLIONS of BTUs – that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000+ BTUs – lost as we burn raw materials to release heat to boil water into steam that spin turbines to generate electricity. We waste trillions more BTUs moving electricity to homes and businesses. And other than using it to boil water, there is no other direct consumer benefit from all the heat generated.

We have created the E|ONE micro combined heat and power system as an alternative to such waste.

The E|ONE is its own micro-power plant. Any home or small business owner can replace a standard hot water heater with an E|ONE – the footprint and space requirements are nearly identical – to operate on or off the electrical grid.

With its supply of natural gas typically buried safely away from storms and most natural hazards, the E|ONE also eliminates the need for a back-up generator. And, getting back to the environment, it allows net metering. Extreme efficiency, near-zero waste.

Jacques Beaudry-Losique | President & Principal Executive