Back-up Power Generators; the Best Choice?

Back-up Power Generators; the Best Choice?

An Even Better Choice Is In The Near Future

Back-up power generators are a must for homeowners located in storm belts or regions of the country where rolling blackouts are on the rise.

Modern standby generators fueled by natural gas feeding the unit from buried pipelines are becoming extremely popular, ready to deliver power on a moment’s notice.  Since they’re permanently installed in their own enclosure, there’s no more hauling the portable gas generator out of the garage, no more protecting it from snow or rain, and no more din of noise from the screaming open engine.

But they do come with some restricting conditions.  First, you may not be able to place the generator where you want.  Local building code authorities have the final say in where it can sit, on what, as well as all electrical and plumbing requirements.  Where you thought you could tuck it behind the bushes along the side of the house, it may be the only place you can put it safely away from windows and your neighbor’s property line is in the middle of your backyard patio.  Then there’s the inherent danger of it simply being located outside, exposed to vandalism, and exhausting fumes around your pets.

Enginuity Power System’s upcoming micro-Combined Heat and Power System for the home – the E|ONE – eliminates all of this angst.  Like a standby generator, it’s safely fueled by buried natural gas lines, or alternatively by stored propane.  The difference is, the E|ONE is always on, continuously meeting the electric power requirements of the home.  It’s installed safely inside your basement or garage, and vented above the roofline.  Plus its unique, patented engine technology operates at imperceptible vibration so it’s ultra quiet.

The E|ONE then ALSO provides what the standard home generator does not: hot water and space heat for the home – all within a package about the size and footprint of a typical home water heater. It’s a great product that will be tested this year in a research house operated by the U.S. Department of Energy.  So stay tuned.

For those of you tired of sitting in the dark, there are solutions out there, and permanently installed natural gas generators are an excellent choice.  But an even better choice – by far, we believe – is in the near future.

Jacques Beaudry-Losique | President & Principal Executive